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Likes her food as a treat?

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Hey everyone.......i was just curious......
I'm training my 4 and a 1/2 month old MinPinXMinDaschund mix and she doesnt like to just sit and eat her food also when i use her regular dog food as a treat...as in holding one piece of kibble saying sit and then giving it to he....she readily eats it. What im wondering is this bad, unusual, unhealthy, bad for training etc etc. So looking for some feedback.
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If your dog had to fend for herself, she'd have to put in some effort to survive. This is natural and good, so be impressed that your dog wants to work for her food.

It is often recommended to use a proton of your dog's daily ration of food for training, so this too would be preferred over a store bought treat. There's nothing unusual or unhealthy about this behavior.
Well, my dog stands as she eats, but I don't think that was your question. :)

I think you mean to ask about your dog's appetite. Which raises a few question...is your dog fed on a schedule, or is she free fed? Is this a new occurrence or has your dog always been this way? How fit does she appear? About right? On the skinny side? Or festively plump? Unless your dog is on the skinny side, there's not much to be concerned about. If she eventually does eat, is alert, and acting normal, she's taking in the calories she needs.

You can create an appetite with exercise (if your dog is lacking exercise), and/or by adding novelty (bits of a healthy, interesting food) to your dog's meal.

BTW, don't let my title fool you. There are a number of individuals on this forum who are much more knowledgeable than I (but likely not Ron), who aren't moderators. My title just means I have to clean up spam, and do some weeding every now and then.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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