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A Cattle Dog's Creed.....
My heart is of a granite no pick axe may chip.
My nerves are of a pure steel as if bathed in the flames of hell itself.
I am not to be out matched out done or out worked.
I will work both for you and with you until the job is done.
... No trail is too dusty, no hill too steep.
Don't ask me to follow as I am your partner.
I will walk along with you side by side.
I may call many a friend, I swear to love only you.
You are never alone with me.
Where you lay your head is where I call home.
I will watch over you, ever wary as you sleep.
No vermin, two legged or four, dare cross my path or test my watch.
My devotion cannot be seen or explained.
Yet it remains. Endless.... Timeless....

Johnny Cone

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On the Aucado forum, a few weeks back I believe. I also think you posted it here once before. Regardless, it's a great poem!
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