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What are your thoughts on Chinchilla? Which is said to modify fawn/sable to lighter shades. I've seen the alleles presented a couple of different ways. Though either states incomplete dominance though lighter recessive. Which seems to be true. Light dogs won't produce dark dogs, only possibly produce slightly darker. Which makes sense due to the incomplete dominance if you had parents that each had allele for a lighter shade and darker shade they'd produce a couple pups a little darker if they inherit an allele for darker from each parent.

This is pedigree for very light buckskin dog, some parts are real light marked, silvery almost white like on face, legs, chest. Toe nails are clear. Has liver gene but not the pigmentation. Her Aunt is also fairly light (red nose too) and has spots on pigmentation on eyes rims and mouth. Unlike hers which is just pink. I'm assuming pigmentation loss is due to the same gene modifying the coat color.

Also chinchilla is said to mainly modify red pigment (obviously we don't see shades of black) BUT we do see varied shades of chocolate and blue so it clearly has an effect at some point. So does this mean that liver and dilute allow the black pigment to be made into lighter shades (of chocolate and blue respectively).
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