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About two weeks ago I adopted a shepherd/Border Collie mix from a shelter in southern Oregon. I lost my beloved Shepherd/husky mix just over a year ago now, and I gotta say, having a dog in the house again is bringing up a lot of tears. I know its part of the healing process, that dog was with me when I lost my partner of six and a half years, so we went through a lot together.
Fear and anxiety are normal for me with new animals because I want to do right by them, so I find myself terrified I should have waited longer. Or that I should have gotten a puppy instead of a wildcard rescue dog, but here it is!
I named her River, was drawn to her obvious intelligence and powers of observation. I enjoy working with dogs and am very active so was hoping to find another energetic canine friend for hiking and camping. And although I grew up with a pack of dogs at all times and a few of them were adult rescues, she is my first adult rescue I will be training. My previous dog was six months old when I adopted her.
River was so pent up from being adopted out and returned three times, its taking time for her personality to come out. But she does obviously have an issue with her collar being grabbed. She is fine on leash but hates being taken by or led by the collar. Trying to work on that by practicing putting the collar on and off with rewards, pulling the collar up to her ears and praising her, and leading her slowly with lots of encouragement. She is fearful of things above her head and does okay on small roads but panics on I5? :/ I THINK it might be due to her seemingly incredible eye sight? I hear BC's are very noise sensitive too so maybe just sensory overload? Doesn't seem like motion sickness...
BC's are new to me, I have exposure to working border collies but not in close contact. She is very handsy, mouthy, and nips when playing with other dogs. Working on the first two accounts but a little worried, she is a 60 lb dog probably a year and a half old--way too old for that!
Anyway, I am coming from more of a GSD background, used to sensitive dogs, she is pretty busy by comparison. Any hints from border collie people or those who have dealt with the above issues would be greatly appreciated!
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