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One thing Wilson does that moves me most is how he shows me how much I mean to him after I have been away for any amount of time. The feelings it gives me are abundant. I feel loved, appreciated, needed, missed, and respected. We mean everything to our dogs and our dogs are certainly not afraid to show us.
Humans aren't always the same way with their acquaintances. Humans have a way of hiding any sort of this love and excitement for anyone that is more than one step outside the first ring of the friend/family circle. By committing these types of faux pas' we feel like we are exposing ourselves to others in a way that may invite them to take advantage of our vulnerability.
As I've gotten older I have been shaped by society to pump the brakes on this sort of observable behavior. I have gotten enough uncomfortable reactions through body language and facial cues, to curb my enthusiasm even when i feel some energy to love.
My dog has taught me how it feels to be loved ostensibly. Credit to him for not holding back his true feelings.
Considering Wilson, I will try to show appreciation when someone deserves it so that the deserving will continue to treat people right. If there is no benefit to developing strong and rewarding relationships then I believe we will continue to crawl into ourselves.

My name is Jeremy. My dog Wilson and I live in Yerevan, Armenia, with my wife and our two, two month old kids. Wilson and I moved here together three months ago from Michigan to raise our new family together. Having Wilson throughout these last six years has been my crutch through many significant changes. I look forward to sharing on this forum, many of our stories, our lessons, and experiences we’ve had together.
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