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lepto vaccine

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I have an 8 yr old dog that had an anaphylactic reaction to his lepto vaccine. My vet wants to repeat this vaccine for his yearly dose and said she would pretreat him with steroids. I'm nervous about this because his reaction to the vaccine occurred within 15 min after shot and he almost died. Would anyone go though the vaccination again?
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The exact same thing happened to us. I said no to the vaccine and the vet was not happy about it but he cannot force a vaccine unto your dog without your authorization. If you truly feel that this vaccine is dangerous to your dog, be firm about it or change vet.

The lepto vaccine does not cover all strains and immunity lasts about six months which mean that to be completely immunized the dog has to be vaccinated twice a year. On the other hand, lepto is often deadly and will leave almost always leave sequels. It's also contagious to human.

Anyways, I've made the decision not to give it anymore even though Akira's reaction was mild, it's almost certain that next time will be worst. I also feel that doping my dog with cortisone for a vaccine is over the top, since cortisone is not good for dogs (or humans!) unless necessary.
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I would not get the vaccine. There is NO NEED for it, especially since your dog gets anaphylactic reactions to it... for a vet to want to give it anyway is incredibly irresponsible of them. Lepto vaccines in general are usually not even needed as it is a very rare disease, and the known health risks associated with it outweigh the benefits. The commonly used Lepto vaccine doesn't even protect against all the strains of it, and doesn't last very long, because Lepto is a bacteria, not a virus.

I would get another vet, because that kind of disregard for your pet's welfare is inexcusable. Yearly vaccinations are not even the accepted protocol anymore, so they are not even keeping up with modern veterinary medical knowledge.

The only vaccine you need regularly after puppy boosters is Rabies, because states require it. Either every 3 years or ever 1 year, depending on the laws of your state. Other vaccines (like kennel cough) should only be given when the dog is going to be in a situation that requires it.
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Ah Pai, I agree with you 100%, unfortunately some vets seem to prefer money to pets' well being.
I am just appalled that a vet wants to give a vaccine to a dog that he KNOWS is seriously allergic to it to the point of nearly dying from it. To me that's practically criminal.
Do you live in a place that your dog is high risk?

I wouldn't give it again either.
Even in a high risk area, the fact is the dog is ALLERGIC to the vaccine. it nearly killed him last time he got it. That is NOT worth it.

To risk killing a dog to prevent a disease that the vaccine probably won't even protect him from for more than 6 months (if at all)? No way.
I was just wondering why the vet recommended it at all. Like I said, I wouldn't do it either.
I am just appalled that a vet wants to give a vaccine to a dog that he KNOWS is seriously allergic to it to the point of nearly dying from it. To me that's practically criminal.
My ex-vet in Canada suggested the same thing :mad: I completely lost trust in him.
I would not do it i had a sheltie once almost die on me from it never again the vet said that he has seen lepto in our area so dumb me said ok but it took my poor girl 2 weeks to get better it was scarey
The Lepto vaccine has a very high incidence of severe reactions to it.

Lepto itself is very rare, seasonal, transmitted only through the urine of infected animals/people coming into contact with the mouth, eyes, or open wounds (either from drinking urine-tainted water or other indirect contact with it), and is easily treated with antibiotics if you catch it early enough.

Because it is a health risk to humans as well, you can actually find out if there are any outbreaks in your area and take precautions accordingly. If you know there is Lepto currently reported in your area, and watch for any symptoms in your dog, you can treat it safely. If you suspect Lepto, ask your vet to do an antibody Titer for it, and if it comes back positive, start the fluids+penicillin treatments.

Really, there is very little justification to use a vaccine that only protects against 4 out of the 100s of known Lepto strains, has a very high chance of making your dog seriously sick, and only lasts 6 months. Even if your dog is not allergic to it, every time you administer it you are taking a risk with it's other known side effects.

Be aware that it is often included in the basic Distemper-combo (DHLPP) shot as well.

To be honest, I really kind of resent having to do research on these issues myself, simply because so many vets are either dishonest, or lazy in continuing their education out of school. The vet industry is so unregulated that it's easy for quacks to make a living and very hard to shut them down with malpractice suits. You have to do your homework and be very picky about what vet you choose and be aware of basic info on pet medication (ingredients, side effects, etc) for your own pet's safety. I wish it wasn't this way.
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Don't give it. I never give it anymore. Too risky.
Thanks everyone for your advice. Even though the vet said lepto was very common in my area (Wisconsin), I feel it is too much of a risk to get the vaccination again. I would never be able to forgive myself if something happened to him, so I will get familiar with the signs and symptoms of lepto.
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