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Leeo needs prayers ...

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Leeo became lethargic, irregular heartbeat, breathing became labored, and he paled out ... I took him to the ER. This was at 7pm. I just got home and it is 11:47pm.

They immediately took him and ran a CBG, GHP, lytes and cPL add on. All sorts of things are dangerously elevated but they said I got him there before he got shocky.

Leeo has the worst type of pancreatitis a dog can have. The name is too fancy to remember. He is losing fluids somewhere ... they are not sure from where yet. His albumin was 1.4 and should have been 2.4 ... I believe that was the number quoted. This albumin number is at a dangerous level.

He also said this albumin thing is hereditary and also one of the health issues among Schnauzers. He said Blu Boy should be tested for this also.

It seems Leeo has inherited all the Schnauzer genes. The ER vet was very impressive as he had a world of knowledge to share with me. We had a very lengthy consultation. He was straight up with me about everything.

Leeo is at a dangerous level .... actually he is in guarded condition and on fluid IV and will be having a blood transfusion for the other thing that is messed up in his blood .... so much thrown at me at once I cannot remember it all. I was told that this is very serious and depending on how far the pancreatitis has progressed and what else is damaged ..... this could be fatal. Even if they should have to try and remove the bad parts of the pancreas .... there is only a 10% survival rate.

He will be hospitalized for three days right now and pumped full of antibiotics. They are stopping the pheno. They will be running a battery of tests and x-rays and injections and ultrasounds and check his liver again and more and keep him as comfortable as possible. I have a check sheet with all the things that are going to be done.

I applied for credit care also ... it was approved.

I was told to give him pepto bismol at 5 pm. from his regular vet and they were going to send him to Akron Ohio to a specialist .... a little late for that I would say!

Everyone who said pancreatitis was correct .... I tried to tell his regular vet ... and it was blown off.

I am just holding my breath and saying my prayers that he makes it. I feel terrible. He is in very bad shape.
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I'm so sorry to hear this, Abbylyn. I know how much you love the little guy. I hope he pulls through and healing thoughts go out to him.
I'm so sorry to hear this, Abbylyn. I know how much you love the little guy. I hope he pulls through and healing thoughts go out to him.
Thank you from Leeo and myself.

I cannot sleep. I am used to Leeo in the bed. Yes I love that little guy like life itself. The only thing consoling me right now is that I know I have done all I can to give him a fighting chance. It was so hard saying goodbye to him tonight, And as sick as he is ... he tried to crawl to me. I hope I have enough kleenex ........
oh no!!! I'm so sorry Abbylynn!!!! hopes and prayers and wishes being sent out to you!! I hope he pulls through

(((hugs))) <333333333333333333
Sending TX sized prayers and good wishes for him.
Thank you .......... I remember now ... the fat levels in his blood are off the charts .... that is what the blood part/transfusion is for. Canine Albumin. The ER vet showed me the tube from the one test ... and what was supposed to be clear was milk white.

I asked about his diet and all the liver and table scraps he has received over the years in his kibble ... and I think I have just about killed my dog with kindness ........... No table scraps and people food! If he pulls through he will not be allowed one morsel of people food for the rest of his life ... per vet.
I am so sorry. Lots of good thoughts your way. I hope he pulls through.
oh no!!! I'm so sorry Abbylynn!!!! hopes and prayers and wishes being sent out to you!! I hope he pulls through

(((hugs))) <333333333333333333

Abbylyn. I understand how much you like the small guy. I really hope he pulls through and healing ideas go to him.
I just called and checked on Leeo. His transfusion brought the albumin level up slightly higher. They had his fever down to 101.2 but it jumped back up to 104.1. They just gave him something to try and bring it back down.

I am sure I will be calling them numerous times for updates.
My heart sunk when I saw this thread. So sorry and sending many prayers your way Abbylynn.
I am so, so sorry for you and Leeo. I will keep you both in my thoughs and hope with all my heart that he makes it through this. Please take care of yourself too and don't blame yourself for "killing him with kindness." From reading your posts I know that everything you do for your animals is from your heart and all the love you have for them. I do so hope you have Leeo sleeping with you again in no time.
So sorry to hear this, hoping for the best for Leeo.
Oh no! Poor Leeo! Poor you! Lots of positive thoughts to both of you. Remember to take care of yourself, too.
I'm so sorry to hear this. I'm praying for you and Leeo.
Wishing the best for Leeo. I had one dog, Cinco, who developed pancreatitis at 13. I thought it was just a stomach upset until I noticed that the whites of his eyes were yellow. His liver values were so far off they had to dilute it several times to get an accurate reading. Not normal pancreatitis symptoms, and we didn't have a diagnosis until we went to the internist - who caught it right away. Long story short - he was in the vet's on fluids for about a week. Lived to 15 and never had a recurrance. I wish the same results for little Leeo.
I'm so, so sorry to read this! Sending you & Leeo many good thoughts.
Just now read this geeze, I'm speechless this stuff keeps piling up on you. I am so sorry, keep fighting Leeo.
I am so sorry! Good thoughts headed to you and Leeo.
I'm so sorry about poor Leeo - I really hope he pulls through. Good thoughts & wishes coming your way.
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