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Do you have a baby gate? so he separated but still part of the action? If not, I don't see the harm in leaving him in the bathroom - so long as he has something to occupy him - stuffed kongs and other toys. Try it a few times when you will be around get him used to the idea of being in there alone, make it a positive experience; have him go in wherever you want him to go, give him a great treat - do some training while your at it - down stays etc ; wait until he is calm and leave without making too much fuss. He will most likely not like it and start to cry - ride it out, let him cry himself to sleep basically. Once hes done let him out and treat him for being so good! Maybe even feed him in there to associate SO many awesome things with HIS space. Eventually he will get it. Think of the bathroom (or wherever) like one big crate!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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