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Helloo :)

So I have a foster puppy at the moment, but we've had him 3 weeks now and still no signs of anyone wanting to adopt him unfortunately for him :(. Anyways! He's a Blue Cattle Dog, just passed the 12 week mark, and he's super smart (I already taught him his new party trick, when I say "stick 'em up!" and he raises both paws, then I say 'bang!' and he dies dramatically :D, he loves it.)

Anywhoo, back on track.. As I'm unemployed and my housemate gets very few shifts at work, someones always been home for him 24/7. However we're at that point now where I can't leave him in my housemates care anymore as they too have a 2 year old dog who is the biggest sook and doesn't play with my puppy. Being a cattle dog, my pup, Toby, just wants to play and play and play, but the housemates dog sits there, lets Toby bite his legs and stuff trying to play, and does nothing. Just looks up at my housemates with a sulky face, then they yell at Toby saying "Barney doesn't like it, stop!" So really it's at that point where Toby basically moves a muscle and he's yelled at. It's tough for Toby, as a puppy he doesn't understand what the housemates want from him, they play with Barney, but not him, they let Barney on the couch, but not him, etc. So Toby's a bit confused with all that, either way, I just can't leave him here under their supervision without me here!

So it's been 3 weeks and he hasn't had to be alone yet, so I know this process is now unfortunately going to be difficult, also difficult because he's just going to want to play with Barney cause Barney will be home.. I'm thinking of leaving Toby in my bathroom when I need to go out. Taking away all chemicals/shampoos/toilet paper rolls/ everything basically, leaving it quite bare. If he was my dog I'd buy a crate but as he's only a foster I can't just spare that money seeing as he could be rehomed next week. We're only in a town house though, so I can't have him barking at all. And I know he will as soon as the door shuts and I'm not in there with him, so, what can I do to get this to work?? He's also going to notice when Barney or someone walks past the bathroom and that will set him off...

I'm only needing to go out at night, so I'm hoping anyways that he'll just settle down enough and sleep, but getting him to stay settled, even though he'll hear footsteps/smell people out the door etc... and without barking..


Oh, and this is Toby!

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