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i apologize in advance for not researching the site extensively, but my wife and i are working people. we are currently stationed in japan and would like some guidance. flame away for me not searching, but we tried and couldn't come up with anything that has to deal with our circumstance.
so, we have a 2 year old Alaskan husky mixed with karelian bear dog. we got her when she was 6 months. she was raised with a yard, and when she was living with us at my duty station in the states, she had a yard to go to the bathroom in. we moved to japan 9 months ago and have had our dog for about 6 of those months. we live in an upstairs house of a 4x4 complex, and are not privileged with an open yard. she has been forced to go potty on a 4x15 foot balcony due to her "shyness". we have tried taking her out for extended periods of time to let her go on a leash. we have tried, not letting her go in her normal place and then taking her out on a leash. she is too "modest" about going to the bathroom on a leash. i understand that if she would go outside to praise her for it, but we can't seem to get her to go outside at all. she "holds it"/ suffers and begs/prances around wanting to go out to potty, but we want her to start to go on the leash. we are accepting all ideas/opinions and we understand it isn't going to be easy. we are just short on ideas. thank you in advance and sorry also.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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