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Leash attatchments for a Bike

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I am planning on buying a bike attatchment to run my dogs with and I have a few questions.
My ten month old is super active and I would like to know if anyone has ideas about how far I should take her with the bike? I am a bit nervous as I don't want to over work her, but she'd adore going with the bike, I tested her out off leash around our yard and she loved it, I'm too afraid to try it with just a leash as she has a tendancy to just like freeze when we see another dog and I don't want her to do it while we're on the bike, as I don't want her to get hurt.
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Maybe you should try just walking her next to the bike and not riding it at first, whilst training her to behave (running at a heel)? I think its pretty important to teach her not to cross over in front or behind you, and not to bolt off in some direction before you ever start riding with her.

I think youre lucky, though! Biking with a dog sounds so fun, but my little papillon would probably end up getting dragged!! XD
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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