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Leash attatchments for a Bike

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I am planning on buying a bike attatchment to run my dogs with and I have a few questions.
My ten month old is super active and I would like to know if anyone has ideas about how far I should take her with the bike? I am a bit nervous as I don't want to over work her, but she'd adore going with the bike, I tested her out off leash around our yard and she loved it, I'm too afraid to try it with just a leash as she has a tendancy to just like freeze when we see another dog and I don't want her to do it while we're on the bike, as I don't want her to get hurt.
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I'm a new member here on the forum. I realize this is an old thread, but I felt compelled to reply. I'm a dog owner (25 lb cockapoo, yeah, a big one) AND an avid cyclist (both on and off-road). No matter how well behaved my dog was, knowing and seeing what I've seen happen on a bicycle I would never attempt to ride with my dog attached to me or my bicycle. You can never control the stimuli your dog will be presented with, and the chances of you being pulled off your bike, falling on your dog or your dog interfering (and endangering others) is always present. I've fallen off my bike on the trail many times, and a couple of times on the road. It always hurts, there is never anything ok about it. If you fall on pavement your skin gets peeled and your spine get's a nice jolt. This is all assuming you are wearing a helmet and haven't hit your head. That's a whole different category of hurt.

On the semi-remote chance that your dog causes someone else to be injured, or that you hurt your dog, what are you going to do say "oops, I'm really sorry!!!".

That just won't do.
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