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Leash attatchments for a Bike

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I am planning on buying a bike attatchment to run my dogs with and I have a few questions.
My ten month old is super active and I would like to know if anyone has ideas about how far I should take her with the bike? I am a bit nervous as I don't want to over work her, but she'd adore going with the bike, I tested her out off leash around our yard and she loved it, I'm too afraid to try it with just a leash as she has a tendancy to just like freeze when we see another dog and I don't want her to do it while we're on the bike, as I don't want her to get hurt.
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I bike with my dog and I use two collars and two leshes. One goes to a homemade attachment on the frame by the rear wheel and one to the handle bars. The one to the rear wheel wont let Rufus in front of the bike. The one to the handle bars let me control him if he goes behind the bike. There are a lot of loose dogs on my block and if they come up behind Rufus I can't see what is going on. Rufus isn't trainned enough to ignore them if the run right up barking. He does ok if there is a leashed dog that is some what under control even if they lunge and bark.

I go slow and Rufus kind of does that dog trot thing it's mostly just to get him some exercise before I go to work and it's pretty quick.

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