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Leash attatchments for a Bike

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I am planning on buying a bike attatchment to run my dogs with and I have a few questions.
My ten month old is super active and I would like to know if anyone has ideas about how far I should take her with the bike? I am a bit nervous as I don't want to over work her, but she'd adore going with the bike, I tested her out off leash around our yard and she loved it, I'm too afraid to try it with just a leash as she has a tendancy to just like freeze when we see another dog and I don't want her to do it while we're on the bike, as I don't want her to get hurt.
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I agree that training is key.

We have recently started rollerblading with Libby. She LOVES it, and I find that she is more focused when she is moving quickly, compared to just walking. She is also very aware of where our rollerbladed feet are. Eventually I want to try biking with her, but I want to get the "turning" and "stopping" commands down a bit better, as well as eradicating her tendency to be a little too interested in rabbits :rolleyes:

I have never seen those bike attachments in any pet stores around here.
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