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Hi everyone!
I've already posted acouple times but am still new to this.
Ok so i am a brand new puppy owner never had a dog or puppy before.
My husband and I got a papillon puppy last week Thursday may 24! He has never been in a harness or leash or anything.
We tried a collar but that scares the crap out of him and I thought since he's a papillon and slightly delicate I d try a harness. We were using a cat harness that was to big do I bought a jacket like harness with the leash attachment near his butt. It actually fits.
He still try's to bite it but it's better than the cat leash.

Ok so for my question pretty simply how do I leash train him?!
It's weird for the first two days my husband and I took him on a walk around the block he did awesome actually followed us and kept up stopped a few times to sniff and be a puppy!
The next few days he won't budge on the leash. Even to go to the bathroom. He won't move outside. I have to pick him up and place him in the grass.
Today I tried to play with him/ walk him in the back yard. Two things happened ether he didn't want to do anything standing tight and still not moving staring at me also sitting or laying down or second wanting to donhis own thing not listening or paying attention.
I tried to use treats to lure him to me but he would stand defiant and than after several attempts come get the treat and then sit down and whine starring at the front door.
How to I get him excited and want to walk and play on the leash? It is frustrating when he doesn't want to do anything.
I've tried treats or ignoring and also tugging but I don't want to tug and drag and make the leash this horrible experience!

Please help this frustrated confused new puppy owner!!
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