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Learning how to groom my shih tzus

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Hi everyone,

I am a new member but a long term lurker. I have two little tzus that I take to a professional groomer once a month. It costs me $80 a month. I don't mind spending the money under ordinary circumstances and love my groomer but my husband's job was a victim of the recession and I am looking for ways to save some money.

I looked online for community school classes but was not successful in finding any classes on grooming dogs. I then searched for professional dog grooming schools. I found one that will train you to groom your own dog for $50 an hour.

Being a math teacher . . . I did the math. Even if it took two or three visits at $50 an hour, I could quickly recoup my money in grooming costs.

My question is has anyone else done this sort of thing? If you groom your own long-haired dogs, how did you learn how to do it?
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I groom Zoey myself at home.. I never took a class or anything.. I just ask the groomers on here about different techniques and shampoos and such to achieve the results I want, and then I just set about experimenting. Keep in mind it won't be just the costs of the classes, you'll also need to purchase a good pair of clippers (I use and recommend the Andis AGC clippers), some shears for scissoring, brushes, combs and nail clippers (though you probably already have those) and whatever shampoos and conditioners you would like to help achieve your desired results.. The forums will be your best friend when you decide to start grooming at home. :) And make sure to post lots of pictures!
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