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For many dog owners, finding an efficient product to remove dog tear stains can be a real challenge. Many old and new products claim to be the magic formula that will give your dog sparkly eyes again. The truth behind all those products is that they offer a quick-fix formula to help your dog get rid of existing tear stains, but do not attack the problem at its root in order to avoid for the stains to come back. That is the main difference between all those products and Pets Spark. Pets Spark offers a durable solution that will eliminate the problem and not just the external symptoms.

See Pets' Sparks Tear stain Eliminator products now!

So what causes tear stains?

Ear Infections
Ear infections have been known to be a source for tear staining. Especially in long-haired dogs, the hair inside their ear can cause them to be prone to ear infections. In order to help avoid an ear infection
pay special attention to drying inside the ears after a bath or trim the hair with blunt-nosed scissors.

Cutting Teeth
Around 5 – 8 months of age, just when your puppies’ hair is growing long enough to irritate the eye, your little one’s adult teeth will start to come in, and this can cause excessing tearing.

Note: Dogs of any age with gum or teeth problems are likely to produce more tears, increasing the staining.

Many dogs can be susceptible to allergies coming from the environment. Many pet owners have reported that their animals had sparkling clean faces that suddenly became tear stained after being exposed to smoke, too much wind or over-zealous central heating/air conditioning.

Try to keep your pet from situations where they are exposed to eye irritations. A common example is letting your dog hang his head out of the car window while you drive. This practice exposes their eyes to a multitude of possible contaminants and irritants. It is also important to be careful when bathing, as shampoo in the eyes can cause irritation..

Drinking Water
The drinking water in many areas has a high mineral content. If a pet splashes while drinking water from a wide dish, getting the mouth and beard wet, the minerals may cause staining and the moisture may breed bacteria, leading to stains.
Placing your pet on purified commercial water and training them to drink from a dripping bottle will help eliminate both of these problems.

These are just a few causes of tear stains… Please visit our page about tear stains to see other possible reasons why your dog has tear stains what you can do to help fix the problem.

It may be hard to determine the root of the problem causing your dogs tear stains, if you have tried the home remedies and even adjusting your way of life to try to get rid of those unpleasant tear stains to no avail maybe it is time to try something else.

Pets' Spark provides a safe and permanent solution to making those tear stains disappear. Best of all, you do not have to give Pets' Spark to your dog forever. Our product is formulated so you only have to use it for 90 days! Click to see our tear stain remover for dogs, and end this problem once and for all.
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