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In another thread, the point came up: "someone please link me to a trainer who claims to be positive only".

I consider myself to be an experienced [and over-educated] switchover amateur. So, I've seen some very impressive old-style, correction-based trainers, adroit and capable of providing a correction that is both effective and non-aversive. I'll never have that level of timing and precision.

Although I'm mostly +R, I also love the effects of withdrawing attention, something like what Dunbar used to call: instructive reprimands, and re-directions. I believe that most pet dogs will require some distraction and correction (or re-direction) at the end of good training exercises to fine-tune and proof. It doesn't have to be aversive, but I don't know an R+ way that always works.

[On the other hand, I think that Sue Garrett's 5 minute Recall might use careful increments to create a well-reinforced "perfect" Recall, that even seems to work in the face of many unforeseen distractions. I don't know if she asserts that it is all +R . On her free videos, she is Not purely +R .]

I know I don't have the anticipation, planning, and timing, but I've wonder about some folks that seem to be 'positive' only.

Some other names that come to mind include:

Turid Rugaas [known for Calming Signals]
Karen Pryor [known for 'modern' clicker training]
Sue Ailsby [known for Training Levels]
Victoria Stilwell [I don't know her specific methods]
Dr. John W. Pilley [ Psychologist, trainer of Chaser the dog who knows 1000 words]

Comments about these and other trainers?

Secondary topic - Using whatever methods initially, to create a confident, independent pet (or working) dog that matures into an animal that loves to learn.
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