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Lazy Lazy dogs...

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Ually...you wanna go outside and play...???

"No Moms...Ually stay here...too sleepy..."

Eddie do YOU want to play...??

"Eddies sleepy too...Instead Eddies wants to give luvs..."

one more...
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"Eddies don't wanna play...Eddies just want to sit..."

It's a nice day out today...and here I am wondering what happened to my "high energy" Lab...sheesh...:rolleyes:
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There not lazy, there just living there life like kings :D :D
Not lazy, just enjoying the weekend and soaking up the nice weather. :D

Well, it sounds better than saying they're lazy right?!?!?!

Eddie is huge!! I know you said he was 110 pounds but I guess I didn't realize just how big he was. :eek:

They both look great ... happy and oh so loved!!!
I was full of energy and wanted to go outside and the lazy burgers were having none of it. Eddie DID go outside with me but wasn't into playing...so I got bored and decided to take a nap myself...:rolleyes:

Sure enough...its evening and they are both FULL of energy and wanting to run. :rolleyes:

Reno, Eddie is really big...he's not real tall, only about 24 inches....but he's very stocky...he's like a little tank!
Not lazy, just enjoying the weekend and soaking up the nice weather. :D

You have very smart dogs;)

Loved the pictures! Uallis looks wonderful, and so does Eddie. I love Uallis's wrinkle action in that first picture. Their coats just shine!
The King chilling out:cool:
Great pics Mdawn,Ually looks like he is getting even bigger!
110 pound??? Holy Cow! Eddie weighs more then my Rotties. :eek: He had to grow that big so he could defend himself against Uallis. lol

They both appear to be very happy with their relaxed Sunday afternoon.
Thanks everyone! Their day was pretty relaxing I suppose...even though I wanted to go out and play...*grumble grumble*

Inga...yeah, Eddie is pretty big...he's currently "dieting" but he's not going to lose very much more. He's just a heavy dog. I wish he wasn't so stocky because I worry about his joints...He's just a huge Lab. Our neighbor has a female yellow Lab that Eddie played with awhile back...Eddie TOWERED over that poor dog...he looked like a beast next to her...:eek:
Too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Such cute pictures. I love the ones of Uallis.
Very cute pictures..I just love the one of Uallis chilling on the couch..
Your masstive is soo handsome! Both your dogs are too cute
Thanks guys! :D

The couch is Uallis's throne. :D
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