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Laying on grass early morning

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Hi All. Every morning my dog wakes me up desparate to go outside but then lays on the grass for about 10mins. Perfectly healthy rest of day
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Your post has me confused. The part about Perfectly healthy rest of the day.
Is there something unhealthy about a dog wanting to lie on the grass?
Many dogs revel in the grass

Our last dog, Dino, raised in a mobile home park, accustomed only to cement. Once he converted to grass would often spend ten or fifteen minutes exploring ḧis yard̈.

Uncle Foster
Thank you but this is so unlike him. He rushes and cries to get out in morning and then just lies and won’t get up even for a biscuit but when he decides to come in he’s fine.
I would video the behavior and talk to your vet about it. It could be a weird personality quirk, but it could also be a sign that something medical is going on, like gastrointestinal pain or any number of other things. A vet will have the training and knowledge to be better able to identify if something is wrong, and I always find that it's important to trust my gut when it comes to my animals behaving in an 'off' way, even if it seems small and silly.

It's against forum rules to offer medical advice to prevent anyone getting incorrect, dangerous advice that hurts their dog, so ruling out medical problems with the vet is your best first step.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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