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The video on that page is a description of a "puppy mill" bust and undercover work that ultimately led to a number of charges and a few convictions. Yes, this is one of the worse puppy mill videos I've ever seen.

But at the end, they state that even though her USDA liscense was revoked, internet sales are not regulated and so she is still allowed to breed at her facility and sell the puppies online.

Why does this loophole exist? Are there any laws (other then the lemon laws) that govern puppies sold online, or more importantly their parents?

Sorry if this has already been covered somewhere- I'm just mad after going to buy some cookies today at trader joes, stopping by the pet store that sells dogs in the same shopping center, and seeing two almost 12 week old "labradoodles" with not enough room to stand on their hind legs, and no ventilation. I dont know how a box with glass on one side counts as something that doesnt hinder airflow... and of course there was pee all over the little rubber mats they give them to sit on...

It's just been a sad doggy day. I feel like there are so many loopholes now that anything goes.
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