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:eek:As some of you might know my sister owns a female mini daschund (Charlie) I own my male mini daschund (Pickle) My parents own a female mini daschund (Samantha) and my other sister owns anouther mini daschund male (Frodo) heres their latest news.

Frodo H. Baggins
Frodo son of Hannah L. Evans learned how to swim on Friday around noon, he loves the beach and can't wait to go again for some fun in the sun, unfortanantly because of an oil spill in the river he won't be going back for a while. He is the king of kareoke when it comes to his new bark-sing style singing for a dog treat.

Pickle G. Robin
Pickle son of Laura E. Evans just got his latest nick-name, you've heard Pix Pickley-weiner-o-pain but you've never learned his new nick-name discovered by his mom when he was playing in her room "It just came to me'' said Laura
New nick-name is Pixeito!
Pickle's nose just can't stop growing he needs something done before that nose can't fit in his cage he's even out-nosed his older cousin Frodo.

Charlie Kitty
Charlie Kitty daughter of Emily L. Evans is our newest grown woman woo hoo and yay yay Charlie just got her period (first heat cycle) and its dripping every where!! WOOT!! (aw man) Charlie gets extra treats and congratz from all relitives, she's also had just got a new fancy bed, luckly we had her old one so now she has two beds, a period bed and a normal bed.

Samantha D. Dappz
Samantha with the care givers Brian L Evans and Tammy L. Evans is getting better about her bladder problems, she still doesn't get her own big-girl bed but she's getting there, she also is matureing into a wonderful young b*tch (not mean but the proper term) She is very good at play-fighting and has her best friend, Twizzler the bloodhound always at her side, When 10 bloodhound puppies arived and where the same size as Samantha the baby Mini daschund Samantha really fit in, now when we have one left and Samantha is the size of the bloodhound's feet Samantha doesn't fit well, they're still very good friends with the occasional wriping Samantha's head out of Twizzler's moulth (Just kidding)

Thank you for reading the 411 about my dogs!

Whats up your dogs!!!

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well, let's see...

Lacey is doing pretty good w/ her activilty level for her hips, still getting enuff to keep her happy but not to hard...however, since the passing of her bro Tipper, i do see a change in her "perkiness" around the house...

Tir has gotten over the loss of bro Tip and is no longer demanding alot of attention and reassurance (she seemed to have been hit the hardest)...i think she decided that being a mom was a great thing cuz during and right after her heat cycle recently she was trying to get the Goldie we take care of interested (he's neutered) and her and Saoirse have "had a thing for each other":rolleyes::eek:....she's finally toning down after 2 wks out

Saoirse, i found out on Sunday past, can be trialing ASAP w/ my GD in agility....GD has been wanting to do this for a long time but has been told no, too young (7)....NADAC has no min. age for ppl so now the training w/ the 2 begins....Saoirse listens quite well to GD...

Titch is starting to lose his tight, protective bond w/ sis Meghan....i've implemented a "program" w/ friends that seems to be working quite well....he "ran" his 1st agility course yesterday (being so young, jumps were 8" and A-frame and teeter way low)....he started learning the weaves and did great, and the teeter was his 1st time also so we went reeeaaal slow and not even a flinch from him...he seemed to really like it so i might just have an agility dog w/ him (mama Tir doesn't seem to have much fun w/ it)....

Meghan has been going for "sleep-overs" at friends' houses for a night or 2 at a time....she seems to be loving it, doesn't seem to be stressed by it, and it is helping w/ alot of her social skills and breaking the bond between her and Titch....she really needs a family of her own and i think her whole being will just take off.....she tried the agility stuff yesterday, too, but as usual, she was just kind off in her own universe...here but not here; focused but not focused....but, that's my Raindog....

well, that's about it....wow, i'm down to five dogs....(i need more!!!!)
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