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Laser light treatment for post-surgery incision?

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Maya just had surgery yesterday to repair her ACL. This is a new vet since our regular one didn't perform these procedures, very highly recommended and good standing in the community. They gave me an estimate of the pre-surgery x-ray and also the procedure itself, we're in the $2,000+ range. When I dropped her off yesterday morning there was another woman dropping her dog off for the same procedure (travelling surgeon was in that day) and they offered her and me a 'laser light treatment' for the incision site for $20 extra and said they have had better results with healing. We both opted for it of course.

It felt a little wierd, like I was being sold undercoating at a car dealership. Not to say that I felt it was as useless as that, it just felt odd. I mean if it is really a benefit why not just include it in the procedure- whats $20 when I am spending $2K+ ? I am thinking of giving the owners this feedback. I tried an internet search and really didn't come up with much, was hoping to get some informed opinions here maybe from a professional.

The procedure went fine, the surgeon called me right after and filled me in. We went to see her last night but that only lasted < 1 minute because as soon as she realized we were there she started whining and trying to get up. I pick her up in an hour and the rehab begins.
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I don't know if it is the same thing or not, but we did cold laser therapy on Noah after he had his anal glands removed. The incision did heal pretty quickly with the treatment, and the discomfort seemed minimal (though he was also on pain meds). We did a treatment every other day for 7 days.

It is also used in people after surgery, and has been shown in studies to accelerate healing and lessen pain.
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