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Chloe, a 3 year old Toller, loves lacrosse balls. We find them frequently on our walks. If I throw her a tennis ball or frisbee, she will go after it, but then just runs around with it; apparently keep away is more fun then fetch. But she will bring lacrosse balls right back and drop it at my feet. If I put it in my pocket and continue the walk, she will just stare at my pocket. In short, she loves lacrosse balls.

I mentioned this on Facebook and people were critical of me, as lacrosse balls are dangerously hard. I always heard that if you can't push your fingernail in, it is too hard; ruling out bones, nylabones, and antlers. You can push your fingernail into lacrosse balls easily enough; but they are much denser than tennis balls.

So, safe or dangerous?
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