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Kramer our GSD Rescue... Hip Dysplasia Surgery Recovery...

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Well here is the 6th rescue dog I spoke of on the rescue dogs thread! Our wonderful GSD rescue Kramer!!! He is the sweetest boy!

He came to us emaciated and suffering terribly from demodex mange. He had almost no fur and would bleed at any tough touch. It was sad and terrible to see. But look at him now!!! As you can see... most of our rescues come to us emaciated and suffering from demo mange. It's so sad... but we always manage to get them better!!!

He was apparently a product of terrible BYBing, and suffered from Hip Dysplasia. We were able to raise money for his surgery! Here he is recovering!


His incision

Kisses from my lovely boy
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Cmon... lets go for your potty walk!

Happy boy! Bye all!

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He sure does look like a happy guy... especially given his circumstances and the surgery he just had!
Nessa, God bless you for helping that beautiful boy out. It is just so sad that people will continue to breed dogs without thought and produce animals that are in pain their whole lives. For every one dog that gets help through surgery there are thousands that live their entire lives in pain because of bad breeding. It is wonderful to see some of the success stories. "Good boy Kramer"
Aw! He looks SO happy! He's lucky to have you!
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