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She's coming home in two weeks, but she's doing fantastic out at the farm.
She's fabulous are men AND children now, her DA is virtually vanished.

Get this, there are about 200 ducks wandering around the yard, that fly out of the pens. Steven turned her loose out on the farm and she went trotting out to the north of the farm where the do their daily runs/rabbit hunts. She didn't even go to chase ducks.
When he told me this, I didn't beleive him. "Oh BS Steven, that's not even funny."
Well, I saw it, and I beleive it now.

She's went from 31lbs, to the 22lbs!

When we went to the farm today, she was sleeping in the hatchery with Marko (new pup, that I co-own) laying down next to her. Six weeks ago that pup would be at the e-vet.

When she gets home we are going to get started on agility or line coursing.

He said Kola was a very smart dog, I've known this forever...
But my dad believes him now too.
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