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Kirkland *canned* food possible concerns

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Reports of possible problems with Kirkland Dog Food

Written By: Susan Thixton
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News is spreading fast of possible links to Kirkland canned dog foods (sold at Costco) to sick and dying dogs. No independent laboratory testing has been done on the food - yet. However I've emailed with one pet owner who lost two dogs believed to be linked to the canned food and have heard of several others.

Kirkland canned foods are made by American Nutrition in Ogden, UT. A phone call to American Nutrition has not been returned yet. A phone call to Costco yielded no better results. Customer Service Representative Jeannie told me the company makes sure all products are safe, "We wouldn't sell a product that would harm a pet." I shared that there are reports of numerous sick and dead dogs believed to be related to the canned dog food, also that one veterinarian believes the food is related to a pet death. I asked if Costco is testing the food and if so, what type of testing is being done. Jeannie said she would investigate and return my call - she also warned that "sometimes it takes up to a week" to respond.

The suspect food is Kirkland canned Lamb & Rice Dog Food - expiration 2013.

Symptoms have been diarrhea and vomiting. One pet was diagnosed with malabsorption syndrome (when the small intestines cannot absorb nutrients from food).

Again, we do NOT know for certain if the Kirkland food is linked to these illnesses - it is only suspect at this point. If you feed your pet a Kirkland canned food, be very observant of your pet. Should you see any sign of 'out of normal' behavior, see your veterinarian immediately. Should we learn anything more regarding this issue (from pet owners testing the food to response from American Nutrition and/or Costco), news will be posted.
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So scary. I hope they get to the bottom of it and soon. Thanks for sharing--I hope those that feed it will proceed with extreme caution.
I mixed a good quality dry food with some ole roy canned. He was a picky eater. My dog was vomiting all day and had a gray liquid diarrhea. That was the first and last time he will EVER have that food! Unfortunately i had bought a case too..ugh...anyway he is 4 1/2 months now and has never vomited since. You def. Have to be careful.
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