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Kingston & Bronx from underdog to wonderdog

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Puppies from this thread.....(abandoned in rain inside bag!) http://www.dogforums.com/2-general-dog-forum/48065-look-wat-we-found.html

Help guess what mix please



............ reps for rescued puppies! :eek:
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Kingston has such expressive eyes! It looks like Bronx's right eye is a little runny, poor little guys!
They are soooo lucky. And so are you I think.
So cute!
I can't even hazard a guess as to what they are. Bet someone else will!
Adorable! And still too young to really tell breeds. When they're closer to their adult body shape, it'll be easier, but not 100%. Most mix breeds usually have at least 5 breeds in them.
I take it you are keeping them? That would be so cool that they wouldn't separtated. You and they are so lucky you found them. The only breeds I see in them are: cute, cute, & cuter!!!
Agreed that it is too early to guess breed. They are so stinking cute though. They should be on a calendar for the humane society or something. Does Bronx have an eye infection or injury? Hopefully it gets better soon. :)
OMG! How they've grown in just the past few days! You're doing a fantastic job! They look so bright and alert... : ) Wow... I may have missed it, but have you decided to keep them? (I know you named them of course...)
I don't think they will get very big .. I think they are gonna be Miniature (something) "google puppy pictures"

We'll have to wait & see their progress is going as you keep us posted & showing off pictures of those cuties ;)

I'm betting on Miniature Pinscher
I think they have some Terrier in 'em. So sweet and cute, ty again for saving them!
I just LOVE their story, and your pics are wonderful!!! What a treat. Thanks for posting and I know your little ones are so lucky to have found you!
happy to report that he is doing awesome with deworming. The first time we found him he had a huge belly which might have been all worms! Now his shape is turning out alot better (pooped alot of worms :()and oh boy this guy is a jumper! He sprung out of the crate wall (its the crate where you can remove the upper half). He also is a talker, his voice is the funniest ever.


happy to say that BronX is getting healthier. He is on antibiotics b/c he had a cut on his right ear. He is also showing higher energy levels and his eyes are better. Bronx is beta while kingston is alpha (big time!).

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They are just too adorable! They're giving me puppy fever!
Are you keeping them?

I just love them.. they're SO lucky...
Aww, those pups are sooooo cute! I really don't know who would have the heart to abondon them.
They are just too adorable! They're giving me puppy fever!
Me Too! Me Too! Only I can't get through my living room now.
Oh my goodness, they are precious! I am glad to hear their health is improving. I'll rooting for you to keep them so we can watch them grow up. Keep us updated on their progress.
You should win ~ 'Puppy rescue award of the year' ... Kingston and Bronx are so adorable .... keep us posted on updates on them ~ also, have you found out what breed they are?
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