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So i have a pretty obedient dog, knows the commands sit, come, lie down, give paw. I live in the capital, but i've been trying to train him to walk off leash. We made great progress, he stays very close to me, always checks where i'm going. The other day i had taken him out a bit further away from my house, i knew it was a risk, but i always walk him off leash only when it's very late, cause of leash laws. Unluckaly, on our way back he had found a bone on the ground. Appereantly that was his heaven, so when i told him to give it to me he ran away like a rocket towards the house, completely disregarding any commands. He did stop after 20 meters away from me every so often to check if i'm still following him. And then when we were home he didn't even listen to me when i told him to go inside and he just ran away from me in the yard. As i am moving soon to a countryside, i would like him to stay by my side at all times and not prioritise something tasty he has found on the floor. What can i do to make this not happen again?
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