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Kind of an odd question

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Ruby is 3.5 months old she is a minature poodle. Quincy is an almost 5 year old Chinese Crested. These 2 get along very well despite Quincy's hatred for puppies. They will play together sleep together and all around like each other's company. BUT.....I noticed today that when they play, Quincy walks around her in circles very close to her, he tries to keep his head by her neck and all of a sudden he tries to hump her. Ruby's reaction is to plunk her bottom on the ground until he walks away...works for me. Quincy IS neutered and has been from the time he was 6 months old, I have only ever owned 2 of teh same sexed dogs, 2 girls. I know they did this to each other but since both were girls and both were fixed I never really gave it any thought.

I know Roo will be spayed as well as soon as she hits 6 months, but I am worried about him hurting her, as I said right now she chooses to sit down but will she always, or will he actually penetrate her and hurt her?

Also with the 2 of them, there seems to be no "alpha dog" shouldn't there be one? Is it normal to not have 1 or maybe I am missing it, not sure.

As I said they do play very well together and are quite content with each other but this one thing worries me. I don't want her hurt, or her insides damaged obviously.
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Do you know you can get your dog fixed at four months? Mine is going in at four months. The vet prefers between 4-6 months.
Do you know you can get your dog fixed at four months? Mine is going in at four months. The vet prefers between 4-6 months.

will not spay here before she turns 6 months old, to many risks and long term effects that can happen....Would rather wait until she is 12 montsh but she will go into heat before than and Quincy will drive her insane.
I think it is a personal opinion with vets.
sounds to me to be more of a "alpha" thing itself....they may not have much of that role but being he is the the adult it sounds like it's him just saying "this is where i want you and i am top dog around here"....i doubt very much if he would do much more than the humping (very seldom is there even any "erection" in neutered male)...and i think you be safe to even let her go till 12 mo but that can be better determined as time goes on, see how he continues to act....

and snuggles, my vet won't s/n b/4 6 mo and they prefer 9 mo
Dogs will practice all the life skills.....sex is one of them....perfectly normal. There's no Alpha in the lower ranks......you're the pack leader....it's already settled. Don't get caught up in those dumb little things like the Alpha always goes out the door first (my male Sheltie is usually out the door first but, my female Sheltie leads the way back in). He rules all the tennis balls...she rules all the choice sleeping spots.
I can't answer for the humping and spaying thing...but about the alpha dog thing, I have some comments.

With my 2 dogs, Eddie and Uallis, there doesn't seem to be one or the other higher in the "pecking order". They both have things that they don't tolerate from the other. For example, Uallis will guard toys. If Eddie gets too close to a toy Uallis has, Uallis will growl and Eddie will back off. On the other hand, Eddie is food aggressive and if Uallis has something that he wants to eat and if Eddie barks or growls at him, Uallis will back off. Before Eddie was neutered, they would both mount each other. Since Eddie was neutered, he doesn't do that to Uallis anymore. However, Uallis will still occasionally attempt to mount Eddie, which considering Uallis's much greater size now, I don't allow him to do that so that has decreased dramatically. So with Eddie and Uallis, who are both 2 years old BTW, it isn't clear me who took the position of "top dog" if there is even one established.

However, with the 2 dogs that I had in the past, Dan and Montana (RIP), it was VERY clear that Dan was the alpha. Montana always deferred to Dan in everything. If Dan wanted the bed Montana was on, Montana moved. If Dan wanted some of Montana's food, Montana gave it up. It was really interesting to watch their dynamic. Then came one day that they got into a fight about something (can't remember what) but it must have been enough for Montana. The two fought, Montana lit into Dan something fierce and gave him a sound thrashing before we were able to break it up. Montana acted like a different dog after that. It was like they changed positions and Dan started deferring to Montana! That only lasted for a few days but it was very interesting how that happened. :)
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