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Just thought I'd let you all know that Kina is doing so much better! The vet had put her on Medical Gastro. After being on that for a few days as well as the chicken and rice, she still was not firming up. By Friday I was at my wits end! I decided to just give her the Medical Gastro along with some rice an pumpkin. She was firming up, yet it wasn't 100% firm.

Last week she was given a couple of Kong treats and then went into full blown diarrhea. I thought I was going to cry! Instead, I looked at the ingreds in the foods and treat that I had been giving her that was giving her diarrhea.

One of the ingreds that I noticed was chicken. I noticed that medical Gastro only had chicken fat in it. She was firm but not 100% but it was the closet to a normal bowel movement.

I then decided to gradualy switch her to the California Lamb and Rice. She'll be on the full Cali Lamb and Rice on Thursday and no loose stools since last June 15th! (sorry that isn't true, she had a bit yesterday, but I'm thinking it's because of the treats that the trainer in puppy class gave her on Sunday had chicken it it, but that was just one loose bowel movement). But she firmed back up nicely!

I'm going to keep an eye out, but I'm almost certain that, the chicken is what is triggering the diarrhea.

Appart from the treats that the trainer gave her, I've decided for now until I've got this food thing nipped in the butt, kibble is the only thing that she's going to be getting as treats!

Anyhoot, just thought I'd give you an update!


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