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Kill grass but not dog

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I have some grass coming up around my property that I want to kill.

I have no intention of killing my dog.

What is a good pet friendly grass killer I can buy at Home Depot or Lowes?
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Some people use a vinegar and dish soap mixture to kill weeds, but I've heard it has mixed results. A quick google search of pet friendly weed killers would get you some results, but they're labeled pet friendly because they don't contain glyphosate. I'm sure the other ingredients would not be good for a dog, either. Even those products labeled pet friendly or organic do not recommend you touch the product while it's wet and wait a period of time before using the treated area.

Most commercial weed killers are deemed safe once dried. Read the label to see how long you need to keep pets off of treated areas.
Thanks Lillith. I did google pet friendly grass killer but I had a feeling the search may have included all grass killers as some of them like Specrtracide sounded kind of dangerous. I thought maybe some folks have a tried and true product in mind that I could purchase. I think with google you can put the search terms in parenthesis if you want all the terms to be considered. I will try that also. Thanks for responding to my post.
Are you trying to kill JUST the grass and no other plants, or is this an area where you don't want ANY plants growing? If the latter, you have more options. Boiling water is effective immediately, and I've heard good things about using salt, assuming the species of grass isn't salt tolerant (probably not an issue unless you live close to the ocean). Salt's effects can linger though, so be really sure you don't want anything growing there if you use it. Also salt can irritate pawpads if your dog walks on it frequently, so you still may want to keep your pup away from the area at first, but it's not toxic. I have heard of people using bleach solutions, and bleach does eventually break down into salt and water, but I haven't tried this myself nor do I know what the right bleach to water ratio is, how long it takes to break down once used, etc so do your own research. If you go this route, please please please do not mix bleach with anything other than water, no matter what anything on the internet says - dish soap, vinegar, and of course other cleaners like ammonia can all create dangerous fumes when combined with bleach. Not safe for you, let alone the dog!

It'll be a lot harder if you want to kill the grass, but not anything else growing in the area. Don't have any suggestions for that, I'm afraid, aside from manual weeding and possibly using a good mulch, groundcover, or weed barrier in spaces around the plants you want to keep alive. Most weed killers aren't very selective.
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It just grass coming up around the driveway. Maybe I will try boiling water.
For driveway grass I would use vinegar and salt water (VERY salty!) if you want to be very safe.

That said I use Glyphosate mixed with Triclopyr to kill everything along fence lines and on steep banks and on the driveway. It kills brush (invasive Hawthorne and Asian Bittersweet) along with everything else and it lasts. It is only good on leaves and stems (do NOT get triclopyr on tree trunks.. it will kill the tree!) and not on seeds (not a premerge). It can be followed with grass seed about 10 days after application and is labeled animal safe (including livestock) 24 hours after application.

I have used this for years per label without issue.
I've tried the vinegar/dish soap and vinegar/salt with very poor results.
Supposedly rocksalt works. We have a vacant lot next to use that is overgrown with blackberries. Going to try it over there and see how that works.
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