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Kijiji... sigh

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This ad just made me sad. I bolded the parts that particularily bugged me, but the whole thing is just wrong. Not to mention their "great dane" looks nothing like a great dane at all.

4 PUPS 4 SALE!!! Malamute x Greate Dane
Yes, i know its an odd mix, it was an accident. But as you will see they are beautiful pups. As of April 26th they were 7 wks old. They are very smart and advanced as far as puppies go. They have been paper trained since their eyes opened and they could see. They had a full mouth of baby teeth at three weeks. They are already weened from mom and eating solid food. they are very playful, but go into cuddle mode as soon as you pick them up. I have 4 dogs on the farm here and 3 cats, so they are already used to other animals, and I've started to bring them around with me so they are already very socialized.

There was 8 originally, now there is only 4 left. 2 girls and 2 boys. The remaining pups are not the left overs, as each one is very different from the next. The biggest problem people that have been looking at them is deciding which ones to take. Also, everybody that has come too see them, has purchased one. I would like them to go to families with yards only, as I am expecting them to be fairly big when full grown. Both parents are approx 100lbs, and I own both parents, so they are on site to see. The dad is a Pure breed Malamute and the mom is the a slightly undersized Great Dane. Both of the parents have amazing temperaments and are extremely friendly. I couldn't ask for better dogs. These pups are adorable and have great personalities so far. I would like a $100 deposit to reserve your pick with a balance of $400 at pick up next week. Kijiji says not to re-home them until 8 wks but they have been weaned and eating solid dog food for 4wks already. So I've been letting ppl take them and keeping in touch and they are all doing very well.

e-mailing me with interest and your number would be the best way to get a hold of me so we can set up a viewing. If you leave me your number, I will call you back A.S.A.P. Same goes, if you call me, please leave your name and number and i will call you back. I am also willing to negotiate a trade, a puppy for something cool. So if you have something cool, don't be afraid to offer it up.

I will remove the pic of each puppy as they get spoken for so you know what is still available.

puppy pic #1 lying down like a good girl, is a girl. She has dark green eyes and has short thick fur.

#2 with the curled tail, is a girl (we call her Maybelline because she looks like she is wearing eyeliner. She also had blue eyes, but they have since turned a very bright green and are really cool!!!) She also has short thick fur.

#3 in the bow tie, is a boy (we call him teddy bear because he is extra cuddly and a really nice brown that is darker than the girls) He has short fur and out of the whole litter, looks the most like a Malamute.

#4 in leafs can, is a boy (and the twin to teddy bear and just as cuddly but slightly lighter brown than his brother but has the same markings and still darker than the girls) he has short thick fur also.

For the ppl thinking this may be too much money, and especially to the ppl msging me saying it is. If you haven't bread pups before, you may not know how much work it is. Also the mom, has been eating 4 times the amount of food that she normally is in order to maintain her milk production. Not to mention now that they are almost fully weened and eating dry food and because there is 8 of them, they are eating a ton of food also. They have also been de-wormed once, and will be getting their 2nd treatment on Sunday.

I was going to add pics of the parents here but i'm not sure if it's against forum rules (same reason I didn't link to the ad). But believe me when I say that both parents are FAR from breed standard, and both look like mixes.
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Oh, how I love the people that populate this world.

LOL! Great pic! And no, it wasn't Craigslist. It was kijiji. Which most of the time is even worse than Craigslist.
Report them to kijiji. The rules state not to send a pup home till 8 weeks, if they're breaking the rule they'll remove the ad. Also applies to pitties, corsos and a few other breeds OR mixes unless they're through a rescue. Oh and if someone has more than three breeds advertised for sale. Or anything questionable for that matter. The rules are on the site.

Unfortunately they have no way to keep the ad off, people can repost and often do, but it does make it less easy for them if they have to put the ad back every time it's removed....
I didn't know that you couldn't sell pit bulls on kijiji.
In Canada you can't unless it's a rescue group:

Further to our previous announcement last year that Pitbull breeds can no longer be posted on Kijiji. We have also blocked the following breeds of dogs from our website:
- Dogo Argentinos
- Presa Canarios
- Cane Corsos
- Fila Brasileiros

The concern was the number of pups being sold to the wrong types of owners as well as the older unwanted 'free' dogs being used for bait dogs. And that those breeds require educated, responsible owners and Kijiji couldn't do the screening.
the great dane kind of looks like the new colouring that people have come out with for the danes, but kind of looks like a light mastiff coloring happening.. really makes you wonder why they put in the whole will trade for something cool part.
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