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Kid's Interpretation of Ridgeback

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This is a conversation that happened recently between my neighbor and his 8-year-old son. The dad was trying to explain to the kid that I was fostering Sugar, a local pit bull the kid already knew. But the kid had already met my Ridgeback too.

Kid: Dad, I want to go see Sugar.
Dad: We can go to Kat's house, because Kat has Sugar right now.
Kid: No, Kat doesn't have Sugar. Kat has a different dog.
Dad: Yes, but she is also taking care of Sugar right now.
Kid: No, Kat has that dog WITH A FIN!!

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LOL, awesome.
A friend of mine had a ridgeback cross who had a bit of an odd look to the ridge. It didn't go backwards it stood STRAIGHT UP. I'm sure you can imagine the number of people who asked her why she did that to her dog. I don't think many people believed her when she said the dog was naturally like that.
Lol that is too cute.

There is a ridgebacked breed that has the hair sticking sticking up, but it is quite a rare breed that is not seen out of its native country.
lol what a good laugh. I needed that after my last 2 hectic days. Do you like your ridgeback? Would you get another one? I am asking because I am considering that breed for my next dog.
I LOVE my ridgeback. I would definitely get another one, although I do think everyone has different needs when they pick a breed. But what a great breed. She is mellow and calm, but really athletic and playful when you want her to be. She is loyal, friendly around my friends (I socialized her early on) and protects my house when anything strange is going on. Her fur is so short she needs almost no grooming. She has a ton of character too. She is independent, and not so much of a cuddler. That's okay with me. I don't really want a dog that's always in my face for attention.

I will warn you, though--she was a CRAZY puppy and needed a lot of behavior training and a ton of exercise before she could control herself. I've heard the same from other ridgeback owners. Once they get past that stage they are great, but it is seriously trial by fire at first. Also, I've found other breeds much more trainable. In training my ridgeback I really have to figure out what will motivate her. She sure won't obey just for my sake as some breeds will. This takes time and repetition.

Good luck!
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