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Hello Folks,

I am Thanos (not the marvel villain :p ). After some deep research i am close on getting a Kerry Blue Puppy.

From a total of 7 puppies, 3 are left from the Owner - Hobby Breeder, all males.

Blue :

He is the Smallest in Size and also the has the most "mild" and "moderate" temperament. He is mostly sitting alone in the play area, looking over the other guys playing around waiting for a touch with his sad face. His body is smaller than the rest but his legs have more "angle". He is CUTE :p

Red :

He seems to be the "leader" of the puppy pack. Some barking, some biting , messing around with all the others, climbing on the side of the play area, asking for attention. He seems to be the most "aggressive" in temperament.

Green :

He seems like the 2nd in Command of the puppy pack. If Blue was absent then he would have probably taken the lead. He is playful, playing with all puppies but somewhat less "aggressive" than the Red. Also he is the only one who seems to challenge the Red.

I am asking for your advice on which puppy should i get. I know it all comes to connection and personal preference, but what are the Do and Don'ts of the Breed regarding their physical appearance? What do i have to pay attention to when comparing the above three. Any advices?

Thank you so much for you time replying to my post.

Cheers from Sunny Greece.
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