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Kechara is Now a Certified Therapy Dog

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Well at least she will be in a couple weeks. I made a vet appointment for tonight to get a stool check and a heart worm check (both are required to be negative for TDI) and then once the vet signs the forms saying she's healthy I will send in the registration papers and we can start our visits.
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she was the best behaved dog there. at least thats what I gathered from all the oohs and ahhhs when she sat on the heel when I came to a stop. and she had a nice about turn and stuff like that. she was the only obedience trained dog at the test
how do you get a dog certified? I'd like to take Susie to the local nursing homes 'cause she's so gentle and patient and loves affection.
You just got to find a test in your area and then our dog has to pass it. some of the things in the test are

Basic obedience (heel, sit, down, stay, come)
Accepting a stranger petting, touching ears feet, and being brushed
Leaving food on the ground when walked past it.
polietly greating a stranger on a walk (no stepping between stranger and owner, no jumping up on stranger)

Here is a site that lists upcomming tests in the USA


Oh and then once the dog passes the test you have to send in your test results, along with a Vet signed sheet saying your dog is healthy, to TDI
Keechack. I am so glad to hear that. WAY TO GO! :) Now we need pictures of your dog doing Therapy work in this thread. ;)


Each organization is different. For Therapy dogs incorporated you need to be evaluated in 3 different settings at 3 different times. Each evaluation is about an hour long. The really want to see how your dog reacts to different situations. People, noises, smells are all things that can affect your dog and they want to make certain the dog is solid in it's temperament. I love seeing more and more people making the commitment to their dogs to get them registered Therapy dogs. :)
I just sent in her application today. So I'll let you all know in a few weeks
Congrats ! With a sweet face like that she'll be a huge hit .
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