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Yeah, two stupid questions tonight. I'm either getting dumber or...hmm...might that's just it LOL

But, I've noticed he wants to sleep near me a LOT lately. He'll start in his crate, but then he wants to come into the room (he never does without invitation, but I can see his head poked into the room a little, sometimes pretending (?) to sniff the room, like he doesn't know what it smells like).

This just started like, literally, about a month ago, If that.

Just to see how he'd act, I let him sleep on the bed with me. He was an angel - none of the "the dog pushed me off the bed" stories from me (yet). Last night, he had his head on my feet. A couple nights ago, he slept with his back against mine.

Even during the day, he wants to come over to his spot by the computer desk and tv (and near me) instead of his comfy dog cushion (which isn't THAT far from me anyway, he can still see me easily and often I see him looking at me while lying down...big brown eyes just watching me LOL.

If he can't get to his favorite spot - he's lying down near me on the other side.

I'm not worried about it or want to stop it, it's just such a sudden change. Four years, and he's STILL throwing new stuff at me.
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