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Kaytu learning "paw" (aka "shake")

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Kaytu learned "paw" really quickly last night. Less than a minute and a half before she had her lightbulb moment. Denali was up on the couch so I was giving her treats for staying up there. Watch at 2:45 for a funny moment when Denali started to come down, I told her wait just as she was sliding off, so she tried to hop back up but couldn't do it.

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Denali knows "paw" and "other" very well. Often when I'm training Kaytu she's on the couch and will follow along. When I was teaching Kaytu "side" (lay flat on her side) Denali was following along on the couch.

The cats know some tricks. The black cat can Sit, and I can also send him to the corner or tell him to sit in a box. The brown tabby cat knows Sit, Down, and Roll Over.
I always try to encourage the dog to do it themselves, rather than physically manipulating them by grabbing their paw.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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