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Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum and I'm writing to you all in utter heartbreak. I met my sweet little shihpoo at 3 months and found out at 4 months that he was in kidney failure. We were already madly in love at the point so there is no way I was giving up. We changed his diet to K/D renal health canned food, we give him one azodyl pill a day (he thinks they are treats) and sometimes administer fluids from home. By doing an ultrasound- we discovered both of his kidneys were genetically damaged. Up until last week you would not have known that this little guy was sick. He has so much energy, loves going on walks and gets so excited when I say the words apple or carrots. He knows more than 30 words- hes extremely intelligent- he's honestly a wonderful pup. We're so blessed and to think we wont have him much longer is ripping me to shreads.

As of late, he has been pretty lethargic- and looks sleepy often. He still has his bursts of energy, playing with all of his toys, diving into his beds and so on. His stool is normal (goes at least twice a day) and he urinates quite frequently. His appetite has been great- he eats multiple small meals a day. I began to notice his trembling and shaking- its not constant but it happens at any given point throughout the day.

Is this the beginning of the end for my sweet little jedi? He has been the biggest blessing to us and is such a great companion. He howls at the door if the doorbell rings to let us know someone is near. He wakes us up with a million kisses in bed to let us know its time to go out. If I take him on a flight - he curls up in a ball before takeoff and knows its naptime. If he sees/hears me crying he runs up to me and sniffs my eye sockets for tears and tries to lick them away.

I love him so much- has anyone been through this? Any suggestions from people who have given their dog or puppy a good quality of life with a homecooked diet or any other medicines for kidney disease? I know ultimately we will lose our baby early on but I'm not ready to say goodbye before his 1st birthday. We just want some more time- and of course we want our baby as comfortable as possible. Please help us.

With love,


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