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:(Within a week my 5 month old puppy has had 2 seizures. First time it happened, we took him to the vet, they observed him and said everything was ok. Second time, my husband took him in, and he is diagnosed with Juvenile Epilepsy. My vet said that it is not looking good due to that my pup is only 5 months old and is having Grandma seizures.....
I have been reading website after page after website looking for some hope about my baby...
Is there anyone who has dealt with this before and may have some kind of good or great news for me.
The doctor said that if he has another seizure that we can try treatments to help but most likely he will get an immunity to the treatments, and in the long run, will not work....
Any help or comments or just good news in general will be greatly appreciated.

Well......I guess no one has dealt with this.....thanks anyways! I was just hoping for some...hope...guess thats not going to happen. Best of luck to all! Thanks
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