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Just rescued a blind 10 year old poodle mix

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A little over a week ago, I saw a story about a blind little dog at a kill shelter near Los Angeles. He had been neglected and was so matted all of the hair had to be removed from his body. He weighed little over 6 pounds and his spine could be seen thru the skin on his back. I live in Ohio but something about this sad looking little guy got to me. I flew out the next day, adopted him, and flew back home on the red eye.

For reasons still not clear, two days later my beloved 15 year old poodle passed away. I miss him terribly but having this other little guy who needs my help keeps me busy. I have him scheduled for cataract surgery in one of his eyes on Wednesday. The other is too far gone to recover any sight.

My cat is confused at the loss of her friend and wondering why this new thing that looks like a rodent is here instead. Curious but doesn't want him too close.
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Well done, and more power to you!

Sorry to hear about your guy who passed away.
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