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Dropped him off for neutering at 7am and got a call at 10 that it was all good. Picked him up at 1pm and have taken him out every 2 hours which was advised to try to get him to pee, but he hasn't yet.

Part of it might have to do with his e-collar, his "routine" is to sniff the ground before going, but the collar prevents him from being able to reach the ground and he seems frustrated by it. I've put him in a big field of grass where he usually just goes, but he doesn't seem like he has any desire to go.

Any way that I can force the issue since it's almost 10pm our time here and he hasn't peed. I've laid out cardboard in case he does go, but any tips on trying to get him to go?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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