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Just joined with my hound mix

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Good Afternoon! This looks like a nice forum, so I decided to join. I have a hound mix named Norris I got from a rescue shelter 7 years ago. He spent four years in the rescue shelter before I took him home. Norris can be a little weird and a little obnoxious and not always a very good dog, but he's a very good dog for me. :)
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Hello and welcome. Ha, Norris does look like a bit of a hooligan. But what a cutie. Because we have a couple of hooligans too, I have a soft spot for them. It looks like you have fun!
Thanks! Yes Norris is a "hooligan" lol. He was pretty bad when I first brought him home from the rescue shelter, but he's really so much better now. Except for the barking at my food. XD
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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