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I have an older dog that was like this when young. As she aged, she actually developed hot spots and went into allergies. However, I think her allergies are to herself.. not environmental. She itches when stressed.. or after stress.

I go out of town once in awhile to train my younger dog. I leave the old dog with my sister which they both like better than a boarding kennel. She gets the same food. She gets to go walking. They have a farm.. so it is good, but it is a change. She comes home and starts to itch more. If she gets a hot spot and I clip.it you can actually see it change in about 30 minutes.. like her own hair is causing the issue.

When she is out and active there is no issue and she does sleep.

In the past year I put her on Apoquel. However, that is an immune suppressor and if a dog gets a small injury it can become a major wound as the Apoquel interferes with healing.

After discussion with my vet I changed her to Cytopoint. The difference has been amazing. She no longer scratches when she is getting ready to settle. She no longer pumps a hind foot when being groomed.

In discussing this with my Vet and other serious dog people I think I inadvertently may have caused this dog to have a hyper vigilant immune system.. I vaccinated her for everything, including Lyme and Kennel Cough.. when she was a very young dog. I think that constant niggling of her immune system with vaccines when ALL her systems were growing and maturing created the issue. None of her litter mates had an issue. None of her family lines had an issue. Just tossing that out there.

She is on a raw diet. She was on Canidae ALS as a puppy on the "old formula" (11 years ago).

I hope your dog matures out of this and doesn't end up like my dog.
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