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Just got my new aussie puppy.

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I'm new here, so hello to all. I've been reading the boards for awhile, trying to get some helpful info, and there seems to be plenty of it. I've recently decided to embark on that wonderful journey of dog ownership again (3 yrs after losing my first and beloved German Shepherd Boo to a tumor). I've really missed having a dog around, and every year when spring came around I'd be rather sad because those sunny, warm days were spent playing outside, running, hiking and doing pretty much everything with Boo. So I figured this summer would be different, and I'd get a new puppy, not to replace Boo of course, but just because I felt like the time was right for me to have another dog.

I spent alot of time researching different breeds, and though I truly loved Boo with all my heart, I just could not have another German Shepherd because I knew inside I would constantly be reminded of Boo, and I wanted my new puppy to have a fresh start. After alot of thought, I settled on an Australian Shepherd, I knew I wanted a herding breed because of how smart they are, and an Aussie seemed to be just the right fit for me. So my search for a breeder led me all over the country because I wanted a dog that deviated from the breed standard - namely I wanted one with his long, bushy tail intact. For me, I sometimes think a tail is beneficial when reading a dog's mood/behavior (though not always) and since I've never owned an Aussie before I figured it would be somewhat helpful. First off, I guess the standard sized Aussies aren't really in demand, because I wasn't able to find very many breeders of them. The ones that I did find were very picky and would not leave the tail on a puppy for me. I finally managed to find a decent breeder across the country, the couple had bred aussies for nearly 25 yrs and would let me keep a tail on one of the puppies, so I decided to go with them, although I knew I wouldn't be able to handpick my dog.

I picked up Bean from the aiport today at 7 pm, and he is the most precious little red and white bundle of sweetness I have ever seen. I can tell right off that he is a very smart puppy because he learned how to sit in 2 minutes, and seems very interested in everything. My first impression of him, he seems to be more mellow than I was expecting, I've read that Aussies tend to be more boisterous dogs, but this is Bean's first night and he's probably tuckered out from his flight. He came home and I fed him some Science Diet for puppies and he drank about 5 cups of water (most of it ending up on the floor of course). He sniffed around my kitchen and fell asleep right after eating. I tried putting him to sleep in his kennel (in my kitchen downstairs) but he whined so badly, that I ended up bringing him upstairs to sleep, and right now this little furball is snuggled right next to me and sleeping soundly. I know he shouldn't sleep on the bed, but it's his first night and I feel like he should be coddled, he won't be getting top spot tomorrow night, that's for sure.

So far so good, no accidents, he went out every time, and the breeder told me he was picking up on housebreaking but I'm guessing he didn't go too far at 8 weeks. We'll see how well he does tomorrow, I'll be gating him in the laundry room with a puppy pad and my mom will be taking him out every couple of hours so I'm hoping with him being so smart, he'll pick up on it soon enough.

That is my story so far, hope to keep you all updated on my adventures in raising Bean!
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First off - welcome to DF and congratulations on the new addition! You really have to post tons and tons of pictures.

When I got my Trent, a German shepherd puppy (only picked him up last week!), I was very surprised to see he did not bounce off of walls. Of course, that was only wishful thinking. After a few days of adjustment, he is just a bundle of energy and won't stop moving.

Also wanted to add I'm so sorry about Boo, but am glad there's dog in your life again. Now we want to hear more about Bean and again.... PiCtUrEs! Please :D.
Thank you! Yes I do need to put up my pictures, I took a few good ones tonight of Bean's homecoming. I will get around to posting them, hopefully tomorrow. Bean woke up a few minutes wanting to go out, I was very pleased because he let me know with a little kiss instead of waking up to a yucky wet spot. So now he's done his business and we're back in bed, about to turn in for the night. I will definately take some more pictures because it is supposed to be very sunny and bright, so hopefully I'll get some nice "model" shots :)
Congrats to you and Bean!

Yes, his energy level will probably pick up real soon.
I wish you would have posted here a long time ago a I have a friend that breeds Aussies and she frequintly leaves tails on she also does OFA testing, CERF Eye checks, herding, agility, conformation, ect. with her dogs. It could have saved you lots of trouble

My Hawkeye was a mellow puppy untill about the age of 5 months, then he just went berserk. lol
Keechak - Oh no! I should have, because let me tell you, it was very hard to find someone willing to leave them on. I do trust Bean's breeders though, they seemed very knowledgable, although I didn't get to see their kennel firsthand, they had alot of good references that I checked up on. You have some lovely aussies though, and maybe we can aussie talk sometime!
I look forward to seeing pictures of little Bean. Welcome and congratulations!
Welcome papergirl38!

Congratulations on your new Aussie boy! They are wonderful dogs! I know what you mean by difficulty finding a breeder of standard size Aussies. It took me a while to find a breeder but I finally located one too! Now just waiting for a litter! :rolleyes::) Get some pics up of your new little guy...can't wait to see him!

Welcome to Bean and congratulations to you. Enjoy your Aussie puppy. They are great dogs for the right people.
Thanks everyone! For some reason my camera and computer are not cooperating, I'm going to have my brother look at it, but hopefully pics will be up soon.

Val - I think I am starting to see what you mean, little Bean seems to be such a smart little thing, very sweet though. He is super affectionate right now and loved following my mom around all day while I was at work. She said he was very content to lay around, chew on his kong toy, and sleep so I'm quite pleased at how mellow he's been this first day. He's confined to the laundry room/kitchen area right now and no accidents today! He's been going out every 2 hours and getting yummy treats every time he goes to the bathroom. He wasn't really crated at all today, I do plan on doing so tonight though, his last bathroom break will be at 11 pm, then I'll be up at 6 to take him out again. I hope Beanie can make it through the night.
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