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Just got my Beagle

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Hey! Just brought home a 11 week old Beagle Pup, and I need some tips as it is his first day in our house.

First off, should I put him in his cage at all on his first day? Or is it better for him to get used to his surroundings, and wander until its time to sleep? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!
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Thanks so much Hallie. Also, could you guys clarify when I should start housebreaking, crate training, and socializing my Beagle?

Once again, many thanks.
Now is the perfect time to start. :)
Hmm, thought you had to wait a few days first. But allright, I'll start doing that today.

He slept pretty well last night, my mom slept beside him, and he didn't cry or anything for the whole night :). He's OK in his crate now, he'll maybe whine for a few seconds, then just lie down. Wake up, then whine for a while, and when we don't let him out and ignore him, he goes back to resting.

Ok I got a few more questions :)

1.) While sleeping with the beagle last night (my mom), she heard him scratch at his cage and my mom let him out for a potty break and he did his thing. I'm wondering if we should do that, or to just wait till morning to let him out to potty? Waking up at midnight to let him out does not sound right to me.

2.) He has been whimpering quite a lot. I'm pretty sure its not because he's unhappy with us or anything, but I am curious of why he does it so much. Will it get better overtime?

Thanks again.
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1) Yeah, you should be taking him out in the middle of the night to potty. He can't hold his bladder through the night yet. What time did he start crying? I would set your alarm for half an hour before he starts crying and then wake him up to take him out. Keep him on a leash while you're outside.

2) When exactly is he whimpering? It's normal for puppies to whine at night or in their crates for the first few weeks.
Well I read that puppy's do not develop the ability to hold their bladders until 12 weeks, and Brownie was almost 12 weeks so we tried letting him hold it for a night. Surprisingly it worked, and we brought him out first thing in the morning and he did his business. Whats strange is that today while I was at school, Brownie peed in his own cage when my mom had just let him out a few minutes before. Anyone know what that means?

Well when he's outside the house, he does not whimper at all. Inside he does it while he's just walking sometimes. In his cage he'll whimper for a few seconds now, and just lie down and rest.

He started nibbling at my hand today, but I heard that it is normal for a little pup. I still said NO when he did it, but gave him something else to bite with his teeth instead.

Again, thanks for the help.
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