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Just got my Beagle

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Hey! Just brought home a 11 week old Beagle Pup, and I need some tips as it is his first day in our house.

First off, should I put him in his cage at all on his first day? Or is it better for him to get used to his surroundings, and wander until its time to sleep? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!
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Did your mom just "let him out"? If so, this could be the problem..he needs to go out ON leash so that you and your mum can be SURE he's done his business and also so you can reward him for going outside..this helps a lot with housebreaking (indoors no treat, outdoors big party!) It will also help him to learn to go right away when you take him out..this makes a huge difference whenever you are in a hurry...puppies get very distracted by the world at large and sometimes forget to "go" until they are back inside an then can't hold it! So, business first..then playtime or walks or whatever.

But yes, like Hallie mentioned, if it happens frequently, you should have his urine checked.
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