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Just got a new puppy (9 weeks old)

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Just got a Shih Tzu yesterday and to my surprise she's already weewee pad trained. We confined her to a little area in the kitchen and put her crate in the area with the door open. She's got her food and wee wee pad in that area.

We barricade it off when we went to sleep last night and she just kept crying. Should I just ignore her? Is it something she'll get over?

Also this morning when we left for work, she kept following us into every room and kept licking out foot. When we left and put her back in her area, we can hear her cry from outside.

Any advice????

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she will probably cry for a few days or more until she gets used to it. For bedtime, I think she just wants to see or smell that you are there. She is new. If you could put her in a temporary spot for her to see you until she is a little older, then she will know you are there. We got our shihtzu at 3 months and for the 1st month, we moved her crate into the bedroom and after a week or so, we covered the crate with a sheet entirely. After the 1st month, we moved her back to the living room and now she is completely fine and sleeps through the night. I thought the temporary situation we had with her in the bedroom would be difficult to change but she adapted immediately once we moved her back to the living room. For her, she just wanted to know we were there.
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