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Just got a new puppy (9 weeks old)

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Just got a Shih Tzu yesterday and to my surprise she's already weewee pad trained. We confined her to a little area in the kitchen and put her crate in the area with the door open. She's got her food and wee wee pad in that area.

We barricade it off when we went to sleep last night and she just kept crying. Should I just ignore her? Is it something she'll get over?

Also this morning when we left for work, she kept following us into every room and kept licking out foot. When we left and put her back in her area, we can hear her cry from outside.

Any advice????

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By 9 weeks old there is no reason for a puppy to choke on its food. Depending on how long the puppy is on its own during the day, you would want to leave food and water out for it. You would not have to leave food out for it overnight as it would be sleeping.
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