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Just For Fun.....

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Holding Out For A Hero.

Found this on another site. Never saw this show, but I love this dog. A modern day Rin Tin Tin.

Hope you enjoy watching this as much as I did.

Does any of you know the show "Inspector Rex" it used to be a huge hit in Germany when I was younger.
A police dog is the star in it ( his name is Rhett Butler) one of the most amazing dogs, he can do pretty much any trick there is!
Somebody, not me, did a music video out of scenes out of this series, I think its really cool!
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That was pretty cool! Rhett Butler... Love that name.
I know. I love his name too.
What a beautiful dog. I loved it when he stole the lunch and replaced it with one of his toy balls - very funny! Thanks for posting.
He's great K! Makes me wanna go work on some trick training ;)
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